The British Open, often called “The Open” is one of the oldest events to be played outside the United States of America. In 2017 the 146th Open will be launch from July 16th – July 23th. If you love Golf this is an event that you shouldn’t missed. To watch The Open, there are several TV coverage options. To watch the British Open anywhere in the world in live, you may need a VPN.

This year, BBC, CBS and Foxsport are the three main TV channels that will convert this tournament. If you live outside from UK or USA and you try to access to these channels you may get an error message when you try to watch a video. A message saying that this video is not available in your country will appear. To bypass this we have a simple, legal solution.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stand for virtual private network It’s a private network across a public network. In another term, it’s like a secured line inside a line. When you are connected to a VPN your connection is 100% encrypted which is not the case when you are just connected to the Internet. A VPN change your IP address (a key that regroups a lot of information about you, and allows anybody to track you across the web) and encrypt your data. The VPN are used everywhere in the world by a big corporation to secure their data and keep their users inside their network.

There a many VPN available for public but Tunnello use a new tech that makes it 10x faster than other VPNs. So if you want to watch TV channels that the best solution.

How to watch the British Open abroad? 

It’s very simple, you just need a computer (Windows or Mac), Google Chrome browser, and Tunnello Extension.

Launch Tunnello extension  and use one of the bellow servers to access to The Open in Live or replay.

For The 146th Open, the young Spanish talent Jon Rahm will be here. Also, two Koreans, Yikeun Chang and Giwhan Kim created history by becoming the first players to qualify for The 146th Open.