Unblock any website and Secure your Internet connection

Tunnello is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows you to unblock and secure your connection through encrypting and virtually changing your location. Easy & 10 times faster.

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Simplify your life!
Browse with confidence and unblock all sites

Tunnello is a simple solution that allows you to secure your connection and unblock any websites. The technology used by Tunnello is 10 times faster than the VPN technology but remains as secured.


Unblock everything, live free!

Our solution allows anyone to access a secured connection with unrestricted internet. And this from anywhere in the world.

Unblock everything

An issue with your favorite website or video? Don’t worry Tunnello is here to unblock the web. Live free and enjoy an Internet without any restriction

No limits

Tunnello is 100% unlimited. We do not apply any restriction on the data for our paid offers. Use our solution serenely.

Secured Browsing

Our solution allows you to protect your browsing on Google Chrome and makes you anonymous with 4096 bits encryption. Avoid any risk connecting Free wifis thanks to Tunnello.

250 000+

Members already use Tunnello


are satisfied with our solution

Easy, Fast, Effective

For all your devices

Tunnello is adapted to any devices (Windows, Mac, Linux) thanks to our Google Chrome extension. Secure your browsing in just a few clicks.

Ultra Fast

With our technology we are more than 10 times faster than a VPN. With Tunnello there is no loss of speed!

Connect to Tunnello worldwide

we offer 14 locations to change your IP address

Unblock any geo-blocked content anywhere!

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Created to simplify
your life

Tunnello will allow you to legally unblock and bypass your network restrictions … Install Tunnello on your Google Chrome browser and get connected to our network in 2 clicks.

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Unlock the web and browse free without any limitation

 With Tunnello you can bypass censorship. Remove the blinder that the government put in place and see the world as you want. You have the right to access to information! Everybody should be free of traveling across the web. We are fighting with you to make the web safe and free of spies, government & big companies that are spying us.


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