Your school network block some websites? How to bypass these restrictions

It’s good that some schools provide free Wi-Fi connection. It’s one of the things they use to attract students to enroll with them. However, due to the nature of the school business in relation to the “prohibited” content that they can access the internet.

In addition, the school might have unreasonable requirements in terms access to certain sites. Some social media are blocked or video website such as Youtube. With Tunnello VPN service, you can defy the limits.

What is the argument? It is common for educational institutions to block students from accessing web information or content. It’s their way of protecting the kids and the school’s network. But, when it comes to universities and higher educational institutions, this security measure could use a little “tweaking”.

Porn sites are the usual targets, which are understandable and should remain that way. However with a world full of digital social interaction, ban of social media is maybe too much.

The best solution to unblock your school network and bypass their firewall

There are many solution that can possibly bypass school network firewall but not all of them works. We will give you the best advices to unblock your school network and defy their firewall. No need to be a nerd to do that.

What you need is a the Browser Google Chrome on your computer. If your are at a school network some may block the installation of program, however with a Google Chrome extension it should be possible.

Install Tunnello VPN in your Google Chrome browser

If you cannot install Tunnello Google Chrome extension just install a portable version of Google Chrome and that will work.

Download portable Google Chrome Browser

For this, you only need a removable flash drive. This is where you will direct all your browsing traffic through.

Tunnello is a new kind of Virtual Private Network (VPN), one of the best ways on how to bypass school network restriction is by using a VPN service. Once you have their extension installed, you will be allowed to connect to any website that’s important to you.
The VPN services work effectively because they have the capacity to change the location of the IP and even change the IP address of computers. The advantage, along with access to different sites, is that they offer security and information protections.

Tunnello VPN is a mix between a web-based Proxy and a VPN. It’s as fast as a proxy and as secure as a VPN.
Faster Internet Browsing with Tunnello
What’s good with the Tunnello VPN service is that the downloading speed is 10 times as fast as that of the browsers you are used to browsing with. You need download the Tunnello Chrome extension to start using their service.