Hi Tunnello’s members,

We are glad to announce that the Tunnello Beta has been a great success. We have learned a lot with all your feedbacks and we have now created the Next Generation of VPN, Ultra-fast, more secure and reliable.
However, it has become apparent that with our current infrastructure cost it is impossible to turn Tunnello into a product used by a million of people for free.  That means we are moving Tunnello from BETA to a final product.
We are now releasing a Pro offer with a very attractive plan with unlimited data and a free version with a monthly limited data.

With this Pro offer, we will be able to pay the monthly infrastructure costs and develop Tunnello:

  • More servers, to always offer a lightspeed VPN
  • Develop Tunnello on Mac, Windows, Android & iOS
  • Auto-connect
  • Add a bunch of new countries
  • And more features

Good news! For the launch, we have a special offer:


off on all plans