Depending on your point of access, device, internet connection, or general location, it is possible for you to experience blocked websites every now and then. Usually, limited access is available when you are using the internet systems of schools or offices. This is because administrators apply different types of firewalls to ensure that only appropriate websites are browsed when you are in their premises.

What is a proxy?

There is a way for you to unblock the websites that you wish to view, without you having to find a connection to the internet elsewhere. For example, you can use a free proxy service to unblock a website that you want to access while in the office. But what is a proxy?

What you have here is a secondary computer that acts as your main hub. All of your internet requests are processed through this computer instead of the one that you are actually using. Serving as your intermediary, it is able to process access requests and bypass firewalls that your device can’t.

There are different reasons why you should use the best free proxy that you can find, the first one being anonymity. With the help of a proxy server, you can send and receive data without any personal data being transferred through the web. You can also use a proxy to filter web content and screen both uploads and downloads for boosted security from online threats and malware.

What is a VPN?

There are proxies and then there are VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s useful because it can help secure your browsing sessions when you are connected to a private or public network like a Wi-Fi hotspot, for example. Usually, VPNs are used in company computers as they do a fine job in protecting sensitive, confidential data.

These days, VPNs are also gaining traction when it comes to individual users as people can browse the web privately when this is enabled. The VPN works by replacing your personal IP address with the one from the VPN itself. This means that other people online have no idea of knowing where you are accessing the web from.

Why is a VPN better than a proxy?

Many people are unaware of how proxies and VPNs are different and why one is better than the other. Well, for starters, VPNs are special types of proxies, and even if you have access to the best proxy available, VPNs will continue to provide more security and privacy for your online browsing needs.

A VPN is more secure because it works with all internet-based services. This means that it replaces your IP address with a dummy IP, encrypts your browsing data, and reroutes all of your online activity through its servers. Not only does it protect your browsing activity but it also protects the device that you are using.

Proxies, on the other hand, act more as web filters. Although they offer browsing security, boost upload and download speeds, these are possible only when you are connected to a browser. It is browser-based, while a VPN goes the extra mile and secures your device’s apps and programs while you are connected to the internet.

Tunnello Google Chrome VPN

The Tunnello Google Chrome VPN is a network that you can use to ensure that your connection to the internet is secured, your geographical coordinates changed, and that the blocked websites that you need to access are unblocked during your session. It is an extension available in Google Chrome.

Unlike other VPNs, this one works faster without compromising your security. It provides 4096 bits of encryption, significantly reducing the risks that come with connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can unblock anything, and there are no data restrictions when you avail of their paid offers.

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