• Strong Encryption System

    Tunnello offers maximum protection for your data with no lag.

    Browse in security without worries

Tunnello is a Next Gen VPN. It uses new tech that (barely) affects the speed. We developed a VPN that encrypts your data for maximum protection without affecting the speed.

Tunnello is the only VPN that offers this protection by default.

High Encryption by default

We developed a technology of VPN that encrypts your connection inside an AES-256 encrypted tunnel over an RSA-4096 bit certificate for key exchange. This encryption is impossible to crack. This delivers a nimble VPN protocol that is just as secure as the more clunky VPN setups, making it ideal for seamless web-browsing and video streaming with no lag.

Your connection 100% secure and stay fast compare to other VPN technology. That makes Tunnello ideal for seamless web-browsing and video streaming with no lag.

The Most Secure VPN

Will you walk in the street showing your ID to everybody and tell them exactly what you did, do or will do? NO! With Tunnello VPN you will block everybody to spy on you

Tunnello VPN protects your data by keeping your IP address, your location, your Internet activity and your personal communication private. We help you keep your data private from ISPs, surveillance, cyber hackers, and other third parties. We help you bypass censorship and Network restriction to browse The Internet anonymously. Your data are personal and should remain that way!

Privacy Protection in Public Hotspot

Use a public Wifi Hotspot is the worst idea! Why? Because there are not secured at all. 40% of public wifi are infected by hackers that can steal your information, data and use it to earn money. With Tunnello VPN we protect your data anywhere if you’re on the road, at the airport, in your local library, in your favorite coffee shop, or checking your email at the mall.

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