Internet use has evolved a lot since the early 90’s. With the availability of speedy connections and hardware with tremendous computing power, users are able to get virtually anything they want off the internet. One catch here, though is that usage has been subjected to many regulatory policies. Educational institutions placed restrictions on access to video streaming, file sharing, and social media sites. The same thing could be observed in many workplaces and conservative countries.

The use of proxies and VPNs has increased due to the implementation of these restrictions and content blocking policies. Proxies are easy to use, considering the fact that even those without technical knowledge in networking and coding can do it. Over the years, many proxy sites have been established and utilized by internet users. One name that has gained good amounts of attention ever since its launch is Zalmos proxy.

What is Zalmos Proxy?

Fundamentally, Zalmos is a proxy site that promises fast, safe, and no-obligations access to restricted or blocked sites. It works just like any other proxy site that came before it. However, it appears that Zalmos has figured out a way to also bypass speed blocks that affect the quality of connection. Aside from the usual video streaming and social media sites, this proxy is also able to get through hard-to-reach gaming and torrent sites. Loading time will definitely excite those who have experienced using old proxy sites a couple of years back.

However, Zalmos also has its limitations and weaknesses. Just last year, speed and security issues were brought to the attention of those who manage the proxy site. With the growing number of users and the increasing need for high computing power in hardware, a lot of people went on to look for best proxy alternatives. 

What is a proxy?

As indicated above, a proxy allows access to restricted or blocked content. This is done by masking the IP address or the traffic that comes from a specific computer or device. To a monitoring entity, it would appear as if the traffic is originating from someplace else. This is fairly effective when there are geo-specific restrictions or when a unique IP address is needed for specific user purposes (online voting, etc.)

What is a VPN?

A VPN works similarly to a proxy. However, the process of masking the IP address or traffic is more complicated. Before the traffic is forwarded from a user’s computer, it undergoes encryption first. This encrypted traffic is then sent to a VPN server and into the internet. VPN users would have to deal with the installation of software at the OS (operating system) level in order to effectively benefit from VPN use.

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Why is a VPN better than a Proxy?

People choose VPN over a proxy most of the time because of a very crucial advantage. Yes, this is all about the level of security that it provides for users. Since encryption of traffic is done, the user is protected from the prying eyes of hackers, spies, and entities that might be interested in his or her personal/private information.

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