We all know that feeling when you finally find a public hotspot. A real relief but did you are already asked yourself if the network is secure? Probably no!  That may be a big mistake let us tell you why and what you should be looking out for in order to protect your data.

That may be a big mistake let us tell you why and what you should be looking out for in order to protect your data.

Why public Wi-Fi Hotspots are so dangerous?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are really appreciated by daily users, travelers and digital nomads. The number of free hotspots as increase these last year. Cisco estimated 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices and their users to stay connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Recently Anil Polat, a travel blogger and computer security engineer, is doing the world a solid by creating an interactive map — which he regularly updates — that reveals the Wi-Fi passwords of dozens of airports around the world.

With this astronomical amount of users and devices, we think that the public network are safe and we can use it without any risk. I will tell you directly it’s false. Nothing is free! If it’s free that mean you are the money. When you use a public wifi hotspot you expose yourself to a leak of information. It can be used by companies that resell this data, hackers. Protect & secure your privacy by using a VPN

Man in the middle cafe

Hacker that snooping all the data from a public Wi-Fi Hotspot

According to Kaspersky Lab, a quarter of Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecured.  This means the public Hotspot are vulnerable to hackers. The most risky place are of course the highly frequented shared location like Airport, public space, Mall or cafe. It’s particularly the case if the password isn’t very strong. For a hacker, it’s so simple to become a Man in the middle and see all your personal data and snoop it. You can ask who care about my facebook profile, but there is also your mail account, and maybe your credit card.

In 10 minutes a hacker can access to all your personal life and even take control of your bank account. Just because you didn’t have this simple reflex to protect your internet connection.

Often times on public Wi-Fi hotspots, thay asks you to input an email and password. This may seem like a simple, foolproof security procedure, but the information you use to log in is obtained by the business and is often stored with the ability to be distributed to other business.  

It’s ok, I’m on paid hotspots!

Unfortunately, no, you are not safer on a free public Wi-Fi than on a paid hotspot connections. They are generally just as unencrypted as any other public hotspot you may connect to. Remember, paid hotspots are almost always unencrypted. To always stay protected use a VPN

Well, I have an anti-virus and firewall, so I don’t think I risk anything on a public wifi.

Firewalls and antivirus software are very good to protect your computer from viruses. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything hackers, man in the middle and data spies. Without protection like a VPN, malicious users can have access to all your data (passwords, banking information, and much more via unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.)

To secure yourself, you should encrypt your connection and always use a VPN to keep your personal data invisible and your information protected. Also, remember that your phone’s encrypted 4G data plan is safer than any unencrypted public or untrusted Wi-Fi network. If you don’t trust the network, turn off Wi-Fi on your phone and use 4G.

How do I protect & secure my connection on public Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Well, it is so simple that you will ask why you never did it before. It takes 30 seconds and 3 clicks to be safe and secure. You just need to install a VPN on your Google Chrome browser.

Try Tunnello VPN

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If you want more information about the dangers of free WiFi, take a look at this video:

Quick summary:

  • Prefer 4G instead of Public Wifi
  • If you use a public wifi give a temporary email instead of your email
  • Never give to a public wifi the password that you use often
  • Always use a VPN, such as Tunnello when you are on public Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • For 100% security prefer the paid plan of a VPN instead of the free data.

We hope this articles on how to secure your Internet Connection on public Wi-Fi helps you better understand everything you need to know about your wireless security.