Why are U.S channels unavailable?

The United States of America is the leading country in the world for entertainment production. This good and all well for U.S citizen who lives in the United States but U.S expatriates are left out of this world class entertainment.

The main reason is that American broadcasting companies are according rights of exclusivity to U.S citizen located in the USA. Most of US TV channels don’t allow to watch live from outside U.S. Contents is geo-restricted to prevent access from other countries.

It can be understandable but it’s a pity for U.S citizen expatriates in other countries for the work. They are set aside of their own native content. It’s impossible for them, even to watch their own sports championships.

How to do concretely?

You tried to watch AMC, NBC, CBS, or The FOX but you still have this message that says “Sorry, this content is not available in your location“. Your content is definitely restricted by geo-location but don’t worry we will bypass that !

All you need to do :

  1. Download & install Google Chrome (if you don’t already have it)
  2. Install Tunnello
  3. Connect Tunnello to the country of your choice and stream the 2016 Olympics from any of the sites below!

With Tunnello, you can connect your device to our US server and that way assign US geo-localisation to your device. It’s like your device were in U.S without actually physically moving it. Take note that a VPN is 100% legal.

Now you can watch your favorite sports events, TV show, on your favorite channel without any restrictions.


Tunnello, the ultimate solution for expats ?

Tunnello is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows you to unblock and secure your connection through encrypting and virtually changing your location. Easy & 10 times faster than a classical VPN. With Tunnello you can bypass censorship. Remove the blinder that the government put in place and see the world as you want. You have the right to access to information from anywhere. Which makes Tunnello an indispensable tool for expatriates.



What are you waiting for? Unblock your favorite entertainment today in few clicks !

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