Russia courts has blocked Pornhub and YouPorn, Tunnello unblock everything

Russian courts have ruled that two popular adult websites, Pornhub and YouPorn, will be banned in Russia. Don’t worry because with Tunnello you can still continu watch Porn for free !

Both sites were added to the blacklist of Russian media by internet watchdog Roskomnadzor. The Russian mechanism for fighting illegal content online allows low-level courts to ban even very popular sites, which occasionally leads to public outcry.

How it’s works ?

Tunnello is a simple Google Chrome extension that will allow you to change virtually your localisation (IP). It’s like a VPN or a Proxy but it is simpler and faster. We combined the two technologies, VPN for the security and Proxy for the fastest. Now you can in 2 clicks change your localisation and watch anything.

Enjoy !