LaOla1.TV is an Online TV channel specialized in Sports. It’s a free channel available only in Austria Germany. They also have paid subscription for better streaming quality. However, the free quality is already very good. If you want to watch LaOla1 TV you need to be in Austria or Germany. If you are in France, United Kingdom etc you will get a message saying that this Video is not available in your country. However, we have the solution and it’s a simple one.
To unblock and watch LaOla1 TV outside from Germany / Austria you just need Tunnello VPN. Like other VPN Tunnello will change virtually your location in order to trick the website. Tunnello also secures and encrypt all your data. The BIG advantage is that compared to other VPN Tunnello is 10x Faster because it’s the Next Gen of VPN using a new Tech.

To unblock and watch LaOla1 outside from Austria on your PC, or Mac, Just use Tunnello VPN


According to, “For legal reasons, some content may be blocked in certain countries.”

That implies you can neither watch La Liga nor German Bundesliga on Laola1 outside Austria. To bypass these rules, you can utilize VPN which enables you to get an Austrian / German IP address. When you have completed the process of setting up VPN and associating with an Austrian VPN server, will be available anytwhere in the world.

Tunnello VPN Google Chrome extension can be downloaded and installed on PC, Mac or Linux

The advantages of getting Tunnello VPN:


  • Spanish La Liga
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga and Erste Liga
  • German Bundesliga
  • Copa Del Rey
  • Coppa Italia
  • German ice hockey league: Deutsche Eishockey Liga
  • Austrian ice hockey league: Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
  • Champions Hockey League
  • Kontinental Hockey League
  • CEV Champions League & European League
  • FIVB World League
  • FIVB World Grand Prix
  • Russian Super League & Super Cup