Install Tunnello without the Stores

You want to use Tunnello but you cannot access the Google Chrome Web Store or Play Store?

No worries we have the solution. In just a few clicks you can install Tunnello on your computer or Android without the store.

Don’t worry we have the solution and it’s simple

Step 1: Start by turning on Developer mode. Go on chrome://extensions/ Ensure that the “Developer mode” checkbox in the top right-hand corner is checked.

Step 2: Download the extension: Click here 

Step 3: Go on Google Chrome and copy this URL: chrome://extensions/  and paste it in the URL bar.

chrome-extensionsStep 4: Drag & Drop the file downloaded to chrome://extensions/

In video

To install Tunnello without Google Play

Step 1: Download the APK: HERE

Step 2: Install Tunnello APK