Using a free WiFi hotspot is at your own risk, don’t make this mistake always protect your data!

These days, it is actually quite beneficial that hotspots are all over cities and that most of these allow for free public access. But when it comes to something like browsing the internet, identity protection and browsing security are extremely important. This is where the use of a VPN or virtual private network enters the picture. It provides people with access to a secure public hotspot without much of a hassle.

In essence, a virtual private network allows you to browse the Internet on a public network with a full security and 100% anonymously as if you were using your personal connection at home. Using a VPN, you can send data and receive it across a public network without compromising your security because it’s encrypted. You always have to prioritize your security and protect your personal information especially if you engage in these activities on public networks:

  • Email checking
  • Social media site access
  • Mobile banking
  • Confidential data sharing

These days, if wiretapping on phones is easy and undetectable, so is wiretapping internet connections especially when you are connected via a public hotspot. Since these are free to use, those that provide access to them don’t really spend on securing the networks. It often comes with a

“use at your own risk”

kind of arrangement. The misconception of most patrons is that these are secured by the establishments providing them. This misconception makes these internet users prime targets for criminals.

Keep in mind that with numerous organizations including banks and multinational corporations beefing up their security, one of the speediest ways to get at their information is through their unknowing consumers who make the mistake of trusting unsecured public connections. Simple software is all it takes to steal your valuable information through the web and this is why you need to take steps to protect yourself from such exposure.

How to secure your Internet connection by using a VPN

You can always secure your connection if you are using the free connections in cafes, airports, and other commercial establishments. It is fairly easy and only takes a few minutes to configure and connect to. The beauty of using a virtual private network (VPN).

Here are some of the things that you can expect when you connect to a VPN:

Protection from data monitoring

The easiest way for others to intercept information and see what you’re working on is when you use the web on a public hotspot. Given that security is minimal on public networks, it is relatively easy for bystanders to steal your valuable information without you noticing the act. A VPN mitigates this risk by providing you with high-grade encryption that will secure any data exchanges from your mobile device.

IP security

When you connect to a VPN, it has its own series of anonymous IP addresses that serve to mask yours. As a result, you enjoy secure browsing where sites and internet services cannot track your activity or monitor your search patterns. More importantly, your geographical location is virtually untraceable too.

Anonymous browsing

Identity protection is essential when it comes to all online activity. This is why with a VPN, you can enjoy browsing websites and engaging online anonymously. Aside from safeguarding your identity, anonymous browsing also provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you will not be exposed to any data mining threat while you are connected to the web.

Connection blocking

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When you use a virtual private network, you also get to enjoy a type of firewall that does not limit or restrict your access to various websites but prevents other people from connecting to your computer or other mobile devices. There is a certain kind of filtering software that a VPN comes with that makes your device undetectable to others so you can always rest assures that your network is safe from strangers.

With virtual private networks offering multiple layers of protection for when you are accessing the internet on a public hotspot, there really is no reason for you not to make use of them whenever necessary. These networks are easy to configure and are relatively cheap, if not free, to access.

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