Are you browsing on an Internet Public wifi or on a shared wifi Network (work, school)? If your answer is YES, you have to know that you can be watched and any hacker can have access to your personal datas.

Wifi-Hotspot-Security How to protect yourself when you use a public wifi?

Some website are already secure with an SSL encryption (basically when you see https instead of http), but not all sites offer this protection. If you want to protect all your device you can use a VPN or virtual private network. These services let you route all your activity through a separate secure, private network, thus giving you the security of a private network even though you’re on a public one.

A VPN is a good solution however, it is slow and requiere to configure or install a software. If you just want to protect your browser and your data quickly, simply and without any connection loss, Try our Google Chrome extension.

With Tunnello’s Google chrome extension you can secure your browser in 2 steps.