Don’t let your ISP invading your privacy

On Thursday, April 3rd, Trump signed a repeal of the FCC privacy rules that required Internet service providers to get your consent before sharing your information.

AT & T, Comcast or Verizon can open the champagne and thank Donald Trump. These US Internet service providers (ISPs) received a nice gift from US senators on Thursday (March 23rd). By a narrow majority of 50 votes in favor and 48 against, Senators approved the dismantling of the rules set up by former President Barack Obama to protect Internet users from an unrestrained commercial exploitation of personal data – Internet browsing – by the telecom giants.

Now if your live in the US, your web browsing history can be sold without your permission to third parties. Your Internet service provider (Comcast, AT&T, Cox etc.) can package and sell the history of websites you visited to advertisers. You can also be touched by targeted ads, injected directly by your internet service provider.

I live in the US what can I do?

You can call you representatives in Congress to tell them you care about your online policy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) makes it easy to get in touch with your Representative.

You can protect yourself by using Tunello.

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