The U.S. Senate has voted down a new rule that authorize any ISP (Internet Service Provider) to sell the data of their clients to third parties. This is opening a new way of money making for ISPs. Now your Internet provider will sell your data to big advertising companies that will spy you and analyzed exactly what you do and susceptible to buy. It’s like somebody is always behind you and try to sell you stuff. You can think it’s OK, if I want a new phone I will see some ads about phone. But let be clear this data is your privacy and any company will use this data to sell you their product and may be possible to sell you at a higher rate.

Do you want to be spied all the time, on all your devices and your family too?

The senate just voted to repeal a very important privacy measures that would stop ISP to sell their data to third parties. From now they can and they will sell your data to other companies. You can say goodbye to your privacy, everybody knows exactly what you do online. And don’t think that your incognito browser will hide the websites that you love to visits.

Governments will be also able to know more about you with big data. Your internet search will not hide anything. It’s time to take action against that!

One solution to protect your privacy: Encrypt all your connection

Unfortunately, there is no a free and simple solution. You can use Tor but the best will be to encrypt your data by using a VPN. What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), is a company that will change your IP, encrypt your data and go through all the data via other servers. That mean when you use a VPN your connection is encrypted, nobody can see it and it’s anonymous because all your data are mixed at the exit point with thousand of other users. That prevent anyone else from seeing or spying your traffic. Make sure to always used a paid VPN or a freemium VPN because some VPNs sell also your data to third parties which will be exactly what ISP does.

Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN can be used for many purposes:

  • Avoiding government surveillance
  • bypass censorship
  • bypass firewall
  • Unblock website
  • protect your data on Public WiFi Hotspot
  • and more …

Which VPN should you take?

A VPN that want to protect your privacy, not US based or US related. We recommand to use Tunnello VPN to protect your browser and your data when you are in US

Try it now & protect your privacy: