Dear Tunnello Members,

First of all, thank you for choosing our solutions!  We are grateful for your trust, and we hope that the service we offer matches with your needs.

For two years and thanks to you, we were able to test and develop Tunnello, in exchange for a Free VPN access. Our team worked hard to offer an easy-to-use, practical and affordable VPN for everyone. Today, to keep maintaining the same level of quality and improve our solutions, we need to make a significant change regarding our business model.

A strategic change for the better

Our goal was to offer a limited Free VPN for our users all over the world with a Premium Service. So because we care about your data, we never sold it nor shown intrusive ads. Protecting your information has always been essential for us!

Today, we need to end up with our Free plan. We had high expectations for our free program, but those expectations didn’t work. Our Free plan is now limiting our power for growth. The high cost of maintenance and the low incomes prevent us from developing our solutions.

In the long run, our goal is to provide our secure and effective Tunnello VPN to any devices, everywhere in the world. So for that reason, we need resources. Resources to pay for the servers (1 100 servers worldwide), funds to develop the apps, resources for many other reasons.

After weeks of discussion with some of you, we came up with three different options:

  1. Double the price of our solutions
  2. Sell your data or add ads on every page you visit
  3. End up with the Free plan and replace it with a free 7-day trial

We, together, decided to select the third option: end up with the Free plan and replace it with a free 7-day trial. This decision, we believe, will benefit everyone.

By offering a 7-day trial, our new customers will still be able to test the full power of Tunnello for free!

The changes are good for all of us

Also, for our premium members, this new business model means:

  • New countries unlocked: depending on your requests
  • New features: Firefox extensions, Adblock, more security…
  • New platforms: We will be able to develop Tunnello on Windows, Mac, IOS faster
  • Better and closer relationship with you! We will be able to answer your requests quickly.

We don’t exclude bringing back the freemium business model later. However, for the moment, this model doesn’t allow us on maintaining our high-quality VPN.

You might already know this, but we would like to advise you not to use unlimited free VPNs. These Free VPN company, to offer a free solution, sell your data. Your data is gold for companies, governments or hackers. We, as a French company, take the user privacy & security very seriously. Europe is known as the most protective of the user privacy in the world.

We hope that you will understand the changes we are making. If you want to be part of our future, and enjoy Tunnello as much as you want, please join our community of premium members.

Don’t miss the opportunity, we are launching a special offer.

Our premium plan:

  • Monthly: 4.99€ / month – Pay as you go, cancel anytime
  • Yearly: 3.75€ / month – Billed 45€ every year
  • 2 Years Plan: 3€ / month – Billed 72€ every 2 years
  • 3 Years Plan: 2.75€ / month – Billed 99€ every 3 years

If you want to know more about this significant change or discuss with us, please feel free to comment on this post. Your opinion is important to us, so share it.