• Hide your IP Address

    The best way to stay anonymous online

What is an IP Address?

IP means Internet Protocol, It’s a kind of address with a special series of numbers that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to you after you connect to the web. Every device connected to the Internet has a specific and unique IP Address. This address is the only way for you to communicate with the Internet and receive data back. Your IP Address is your online fingerprint.
An IP address contains a lot of information such as The Internet Service Provider, country, region/state, city, latitude, and longitude of the location (the best guess).

Why should I hide my IP?

An IP address is mandatory to communicate online in order to send and receive data. When you are online everybody knows who you are because of your IP Address. It’s your personal identification number assigned by your ISP. When you browse the Internet you can be tracked everywhere because of this IP Address. When you search the Web, write emails, download, watch content… your IP address is saved. Some websites can block the access to their content just by analysing your IP address.

So why do you need to hide your IP? The main reason will be to access geographically restricted content, this way you can access any media or content anywhere. Another reason will be that 98% of Internet websites have some cookies installed that can track you and send this data to Google, Facebook etc without your knowledge. These companies sell this data to the advertiser that will know exactly what you do online and will send you more ads. Also, Governments can use this data to track you.

Current information about your IP:

Why change my IP with VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private connection between your computer and the Internet. This connection is 100% encrypted and changes your IP Address. This is the best way to stay anonymous online and access any geo-restricted or censored content. By using Tunnello VPN you ensure that your data is 100% anonymous and encrypted. You will even be able to bypass censorship. It’s time to hide your data from, big corporations, governments, advertisers and cyber criminals, protect your identity and privacy with Tunnello VPN.

Protect your online privacy with Tunnello VPN

By using Tunnello VPN, you can route your network traffic through a remote VPN server to replace your real IP address by one matching its location. As a result, all the data travelling from your device is sent via an encrypted connection and can no longer be tracked by your ISP. Also, with Tunnello VPN you will be sharing an IP address with hundreds of users at the same time, making it even more difficult to track your activity online. Most importantly, Tunnello VPN has a strict no-logs policy, therefore none of your data will be monitored or logged at any time.