Encrypt your connection and stay anonymous

We fight against intolerance by providing a secured Internet connection.
Browse the web, chat online without no fear to be persecuted with Tunnello VPN

Live Happily, Live Hidden!

In many countries, the pressure against LGBT increases every year. Gay peoples are now tracked, followed, spied online. Many Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans websites are blocked in many countries.

Last month, Grindr was blocked in Turkey, and other websites such as, has banned “as a protection measure”. With Tunnello VPN we help the LGBT community to protect their privacy & life, by securing their internet connexion and unblocking any website.

Why do you need Tunnello VPN

Unblock any website

Tunnello can change your location and give you access to the Internet without limit.

Secure your connection

Tunnello encrypt your Internet connection so nobody can see what you are doing

No speed reduction

Tunnello use a new technology that doesn’t slow your internet connection

We have the right to be LGBT

Tunnello supports the LGBT community by providing a VPN solution at an affordable price. Our Tunnello extension allows any users to hide their Internet connection to ISP and governments. You can also unblock any blocked website in your country by changing virtually your location.

  • Unblock Gay Websites
  • Chat, talk in full confidentiality
  • Block your Internet Service Provider Spying you
  • Encrypt your Internet Connexion

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