We are pleased to announce that the new Tunnello VPN Android mobile app is now available for Android Devices. Starting today, current Tunnello’s members can use this companion app to protect their privacy, unblock geo-restricted contents, bypass censorship & network restrictions on their Android devices.

This App uses a VPN connection is based on OpenVPN technology with some modifications in order to provide the best speed and security all over the world. We added 3 different modes depending on your needs:

Normal Settings: This mode is a mix of speed and security. All your data are encrypted with the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm over an RSA-4096 bit certificate for key exchange.

Speed Priority: This mode compresses your data and multiplies the number of canals that send/receive the data. You still get the same military-grade encryption rate.

Privacy Priority: This mode add another layer of protection to make your connection undetectable. This should be used under oppressive government against freedom of speech to block DPI (deep packet inspection).

For people who are new to Tunnello VPN, you can first get a 7-day free trial to test our service. In this app, you will be able to contact directly the Support, manage your subscription, connect to any country.

In the coming months, we plan to add switch plan, Kill-switch, Hotspot protection, new countries, new VPN technologies and more.

For other feature requests, please visit our contact page and submit your idea.

To get the Tunnello VPN Android mobile app, follow this link :