16 June 2017

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How to Unblock the Pirate Bay for Free with a Proxy or VPN
30 May 2017

Internet usage has become an integral element of the life of the current generation. It is estimated that more than 40%…

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Internet Service provider sell your data! Protect your privacy
29 March 2017

The U.S. Senate has voted down a new rule that authorize any ISP (Internet Service Provider) to sell the data of…

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Unblock office network restrictions and bypass your work firewall
25 March 2017

Most of the time, companies implement strict rules when it comes to in office / work internet usage. Aside from filtering…

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New country available: Welcome Switzerland
17 March 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new country!  If you are anywhere in the world and you want to…

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How to unblock your school WiFi hotspot! Bypass network firewall and restrictions
16 March 2017

Your school network block some websites? How to bypass these restrictions It’s good that some schools provide free Wi-Fi connection. It’s…

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Always access a Secure Public Hotspot via VPN, here is why!
14 March 2017

Using a free WiFi hotspot is at your own risk, don’t make this mistake always protect your data! These days, it…

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Best solution to unblock School WiFi & Bypass Firewall
10 March 2017

You are connected via WiFi to your school network and you want to unblock the firewall to bypass all the restriction and…

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How to unblock porn in Israel
7 March 2017

Israel legislators have approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people ask to view it. The Israeli…

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Best Free VPN 2017
6 March 2017

First of all, there is any truly free VPN, for one reason if it’s free that means you are the money…

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