Think twice before connecting to a public free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Today, many hotels offer free or inexpensive Wi-Fi connections. Having a free Internet service is a very good thing, but it’s hard to know whether public Wi-Fi is secure, even in hotels of major chains.

Are your antivirus and security patches in your system up-to-date? This is great, but it is not sufficient to face the uncontrollable universe of open Wi-Fi!

In majority public Wi-FI are not safe for browsing and confidential emailing

By definition, these open wireless access zones are not at all secure and represent a significant risk to all information sent (emails, attachments, passwords, etc.), or even for the computer itself. This is why hotspots are perfect places for hackers looking for personal or confidential data.

Public Wi-fi don’t offer any security encryption to its users, it is very easy for a hacker to intercept your signals. They have plenty of tricks. One of them is the creation an “evil twin hotspot”, a Wi-Fi hotspot who looks like the legitimate hotspot provided by a business such as Starbucks. Users are tricked into connecting to it and the hacker can steal personal information including account names password etc.

The best way to be secure is to use a VPN. If you log into a free wifi hotspot and then connect to a VPN, all your data will be encrypted and hidden from hacker eyes.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stand for virtual private network It’s a private network across a public network. In another term, it’s like a secured line inside a line. When you are connected to a VPN your connection is 100% encrypted which is not the case when you are just connected to the Internet. A VPN change your IP address (a key that regroups a lot of information about you, and allows anybody to track you across the web) and encrypt your data. The VPN are used everywhere in the world by a big corporation to secure their data and keep their users inside their network.

There a many VPN available for public but Tunnello use a new tech that makes it 10x faster than other VPNs. So if you want to watch TV channels that the best solution.

Install Tunnello in 3 steps

  1. Download & install Google Chrome on Google Chrome store
  2. Install Tunnello
  3. Open the extension, click on “GO”



You’re done! With only 3 clicks your now completely anonymous on the net!