Are you looking for the best alternative to Hola VPN / Proxy?

hola-alternative-vpnThe popular service called Hola is very famous, Free & simple but very risky for users. If you use Hola you have to know that you may have become part of a botnet and participated in DDos Attacks, which is very risky for you. That touch all Hola’s users even paid users. By using Hola you can be exposed to a serious security hole. Some people can execute malicious programs on your computer and leave you vulnerable to ongoing cyber attacks. Police can find you and attribute the DDoS attack to you.

How Hola VPN works?

Hola is not really a VPN service, they don’t own any servers. The server is you and other Hola users. Hola is a Peer to Peer VPN. Every user connected to Hola’s network is considered a peer, with non-paying users defined as exit nodes. That represent for all users a security and privacy risk.

The main risk for unpaid users is to be the exit node of a user that Use Hola for malicious activities.The unlawful activities of another person can be traced back to your IP and so to you. Also, Hola sells access to his network to anyone who is willing to pay. So a person can pay Hola and use the Network to launch DDoS Attack or worth.

What is the best alternative to Hola?

tunnello-app-producthuntIf you want to unblock website, access video you need also to stay protected. A free VPN or proxy is never a good solution for a simple reason: if it’s free that mean you are the money. If you are the money that is never a good solution because you don’t know what the company can do with your information.

The best solution is a Free limited VPN. There is a huge number of solutions of VPN, however, there is only one ultra fast, free & secure VPN. It’s called Tunnello. Tunnello is what we called a Next Gen VPN. That mean, they use a completely new technology that makes all old VPN slow compare to Tunnello VPN. Tunnello VPN is faster than a VPN and more secure than a proxy, they encrypt all your data through a 4096-bit encrypted Tunnel, which is the max security in IT. Tunnello offers free data and a choice between severals country.

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