About Us

The dream of a near-lagless VPN began in a cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in early 2016. We wanted an ultra-fast, deadly, yet simple VPN that even our moms could use. Tunnello, a joint venture between a famous french VPN company and a new team of developers, was the outcome. After several months of R&D, Tunnello was soft-launched in beta in March 2016.

“Our ultimate goal: Make a Simple, Secure & Very Fast VPN”

What is Tunnello?


Tunnello is a next gen Google Chrome Extension. It uses new tech that barely affects speed. It’s extremely secure too, since we use SPDY technology (which became HTTP/2) + TLS to encrypt your connection inside an AES-128 encrypted tunnel over an RSA-4096 bit certificate for key exchange. This delivers a nimble VPN protocol that is just as secure as the more clunky VPN setups, making it ideal for seamless web-browsing and video streaming with no lag. More simply, Tunnello as a Google Chrome extension is a mix between a VPN and a Proxy. We took advantage of both and combined them to create Tunnello. Super fast like a proxy and ultra secure like a VPN.

With Tunnello you can bypass censorship, unblock videos, TV Channels, social media and of course secure your Internet connection. In two clicks choose a location from our list of countries and connect. As soon as you are connected all your internet traffic will go through our encrypted tunnel and you get an IP location in the country of your choosing.

Use Tunnello on free wifi and make your connection unbreakable, buy online without fear. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and personal firewall products cannot protect you against intelligence gathering or hackers on public wifi, Tunnello, CAN!


We travel all around the world

We work from different places in the world to stay close to our customers. Nevertheless, our headquarters are in France. We have already worked from The Canary Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal, United States of America & China

Next up for Tunnello?

Launch a pro offer, add other servers and location, redesign Tunnello extension

Develop Tunnello on other devices such as Android, Windows, Mac & iOS

Add new features and create the best VPN service ever

Install & try our solution right now!

In a few steps only, you will enjoy our secured network & the possibility to unblock any website

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